Friends of Forest Home Cemetery, Inc.

There are many ways to get involved and support the work of Friends of Forest Home Cemetery:

        Donate Your financial contribution will help Friends of Forest Home
                             Cemetery to clean, restore, and maintain the headstones and
                             other features in the cemetery.  And because Friends is a
                             501(c)(3) non-profit organization, your contribution is tax
                             deductible.  Please consider a financial gift today!

                             You may also contribute to Friends by donating items such as
                             landscaping materials or a used vehicle, or by including a
                             bequest in your estate planning documents.  To find out more
                             about different ways to donate, contact Kathleen Dunne at
                             (616) 824-9601.

        Volunteer Much of the cleaning and restoration work at Forest Home
                             Cemetery involves physical labor.  You can support our work by
                             donating your time and "sweat equity" out at the cemetery.
                              Individuals with particular skills, such as masonry or cement
                             work, are in particularly high demand.  If you have an area of
                             particular interest and are willing to volunteer on a short- or
                             long-term basis, please visit our Contact Us page - we'd love to
                             hear from you!